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Pearson Hunter

Specialising in niche markets, our expert team of consultants are able to locate your ideal employer. We carefully select our candidates, provide them with necessary training and assist them through each step of the interview process - making the recruitment service as comprehensive as possible.

What Can I Expect of Pearson Hunter?

A Bespoke Recruitment Service

We work closely with our candidates and only keep a small selection of the very best; this means that you will receive the kind of individual service you need in order to see your career prosper.

A Personal Recruitment Service

When a recruitment agency invests time on each candidate, the result will always be beneficial. By keeping you up-to-date on applications and market information, you will be multiple steps ahead of your competitors.

Ongoing Support
Our recruiters have extensive experience in the markets which you are operating in, we are able to provide our candidates with thorough training. We know what it takes to succeed - and we will spare no means on making your career prosperous.

A Valuable Network of Professionals

Due to the simple fact that we only recruit the best, you can expect to be a part of a generous network of other professionals in your field. We want our recruitment service to be the gift that keeps on giving - from one excellent employer to the other.

Candidate Testimonials

I have had experience dealing with recruitment agents and Pearson Hunter stands out well above the others.

My consultant helped me in transitioning my career and successfully securing me a role that will help my long term career prospects.

I thank him for making the job application process, which can be a very stressful process, easy. I know for sure that without him I would still be looking for a job.

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